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Güncel Kadın Blogları Mayıs 4, 2017


This analysis-report was composed by an unknown person; published in Spring 2013 in Germany it made it’s way to the USA this summer. It brings explicitly to the surface the psychological tricks of CENGIZ EHLIZ and his crew, that are fooling since 15 years THOUSANDS of UN-expecting opportunity seekers, even professionals, in Germany, Austria, Turkey and now in the USA and worldwide.

After reading the series of posts on this blog and the companion blogs listed at the end here, are your arising

PROVOKING THOUGHTS: How much longer can this shyster and his band escape the legal loop-holes …

On with the author of this article:

Term definition: Source:

The sale is part of the area of trade, i.e. the exchange process of goods (goods and service and exclusive service) in exchange for money or for other goods (barter). In contrast for procurement (including, in particular purchasing) is the sale that part of the business of an enterprise with its buyers (customers) as well as the sale (liquidation) of private property (C-to-C).

Insofar, the sale represents the last member in the operational value chain and represents the activity of the sale in general, whereas the term sale in the legal understanding of this Regulating Standards Treaty of § 433 ff BGB (Federal Law Book of Germany) applies only to the sale of assets and rights, but not to the selling of services

Especially the last sentence … but not for the sale of services … meets harsh criticism and concerns with the concepts of Mr. Ehliz


Goal of every sales structure is hiring qualified and experienced staff.

The SC-Ehliz impresses indisputable by rapid dynamic growth in high numbers of representatives. However, this can only be achieved if the normal marketing criteria of representative recruitment are waived. As mentioned above should salespeople be selected according to their qualification and experience, regardless of whether they are hired in the classical field service, in network, in structural or direct sales.

The hiring condition for Ehliz was always the liquidity of the interested parties. Who pays is allowed into the system, no matter what he does or has done so far, rejected is none that brings the money. … It’s so.

If the representative brings many other representative, he’s a good employee. Quantity before quality.

At Ehliz, first comes the positions investment, depending on the height of the stake. Then begins the training or familiarization training, also called starter training. Just, what is the start? Not sales is on the agenda or product training, as one would think in sales, no – recruiting of representatives! The reproduction of existing representatives is an absolute priority. There is always a certain time given, so that representatives feel indirect pressure, the clock is running out, if I do not hurry, I cannot recruit anybody any more…

At the start, there is no trace of retail sales conversations.

The disadvantage of rapid and dynamic structure at Ehliz is always the lack of administration. All that measures for the organization supportive comes at the end, there is only reacting at the beginning – not acting. The only thing that is immediately available are the contracts. No classical REPRESENTATIVE AGREEMENTS from which the treatment according to the Commercial Code of the trade law is shown, just the name “Sales Representatives” is used, not more. The contracts impress always by a variety of duties for the “Sales Representative”, the company agrees only on the essentials. Ordinary standards are absolutely not considered.

Sales representatives have to pay to participate. At TiViBo, executives called it a “Commercial Sales Agent License”. Later, at the very end to “City Scouts” shall be recruited, but not from TiViBo, but by the consultants, as the “Referrer”, “Tip-giver”.

The fantasies of terms for these payments are enormous. There are terms elected for the payments such as “Cost of a Home Office”, for a “Training Card”, a “Linking System” or for a “Training Manager”.

Who will not meet the requirements, when he realizes he is not convinced and is undecided, if doubts as to the seriousness of the company arise, the respectability is questioned – and the representative quits.

It is not entirely clear where the rumors and doubts come from. One could get the impression that these are deliberately scattered, so that people are deflected from other problems regarding the relevance about the product. The closer the start of a concept moves, the higher the external and internal disturbances, hostilities.

A reliable means to postpone or to say afterwards, why – we did everything to keep it running! The sales representatives and the rumor-mongers are at fault! The funds received are accounted for, whether by the accountants or in other
pockets, the representatives DID pay.

Statements of Ehliz, no matter how many are left, after all … ?  “I have good representatives, that’s fine with me”.

If his previous statements were true, why the many old companions, approx. 2.500 lied to and cheated at IQ-Concept and 63,000 sales representatives in 10 years, where have they gone, since Ehliz has a “white vest” and the SC is convincing.

It will be like this:

Of the 63,000 allegedly developed sales representatives by Ehliz only max. 0.1% had the necessary experience, qualifications and requirements. Unfortunately, they were not able to meet the requirements of a professional sales. (No devaluation, pure facts) They were used and serve solely to finance the Ehliz-Distribution. What remains are max. 63 qualified sales representatives, who could take over leadership tasks and are able to.

Do you know of a company where you get in to only get a position first and then after that the training for these tasks?

I know such a sales organization, the Ehliz Sales Organization. Anywhere else inconceivable, that at a manager event new representatives are first provided a basic introduction, as happened in Guenzburg, southern Germany, for example. The tools, the little 1×1 in sales contacts/appointments a manager is required to have complete control off!


The aim of the SC-Ehliz is not to build a powerful troop of sales and marketing reps. Himself I do not call a sales rep, and certainly not a sales manager who can convey sales. The goal is hell-bent on capturing people that finance the sales organization and him, at least justify his ‘raison d’être’ as a sales manager and slave driver. That’s what the “crew” DOES master well and especially Ehliz, ideal, in stellar form for companies which do not care for other reputable aspects or the own company construct Ehliz (as with IQ-Concept).

The sales success cannot be measured, most mediated clients are representatives themselves who have grazed their relatives and circle of acquaintances. The reps are lured with fantastic incomes, career opportunities, all the way up to financial independence and time and again with a “passive income” for a lifetime, inheritable. Who dances to his tunes benefits, all the others are not important. A sales concept with the traits of a patriarch.

The SC-Ehliz, a non-violent form of the old, used in the seafarer trade of the 18th and 19th century, “Shanghaied” (press commandos) with the help of modern media such as Internet and digital projectors. Instead of alcohol, people are “drunk” talked and captured.

Why Ehliz and crew, Ehliz keeps going back to the same cronies, confidantes and insiders. He is also, not by his genes but culturally influenced from an early age, a Bavarian. An “Amigo”. His longtime companions are: Peter Grünewald – “Technical Director”. Rudolf Gengenbach – “Member of the Executive Board”. Petra Gross – “Secretary”. Wife Cigdem (not bitch  – Cigdem) Ehliz – “wallet”. Brother-in-law Cihan Karaca – “the henchman”. Ms. Keppler – “would like to be the Grand Madame” is only the wife of Mr. Gengenbach. Mr. Rüsberg – “Board Member”. My respect for age prevents me from relating to the physical condition of getting on in years, former liquidator of the fiduciary Schwerin.


I am neither putting in question the company TiViBo GmbH or the TiViBox, nor do I want to compromise or degrade existing managers.

My Review of the SC-Ehliz is based on my personal experiences, on accurate observations and conversations with victims. Victims that have an experience of 10 years of collaboration and observations.

With my evaluation, I do not want to get too close or even offend anyone, degrade in his possibilities. If someone feels attacked, I apologize for this.

For me, only facts count and speak for the above mentioned realities. The many victims, even if only indirectly, by having been played under false pretenses and promises. By the representation of concept contents, although planned, however, not yet checked for feasibility, the many interested parties are knowingly deceived. Interested parties who, as has happened in many cases, gave and are giving their “last” to be part of it. Those that could and can afford it land anyway on top of the Hierarchy-Ehliz. I am not allowing negligence. The intent and the re-occurrence are obvious to me.

The lack of not wanting to understand, the lack of “conscience about wrong-doing”, particularly in Ehliz, who above all turns on “spaced out”, leads to a sharp “tonguing” that is uncharacteristic of my person, .

The scope and extent dictates my actions in the form published here.
Source:   (note: removed from the Internet meanwhile)

Remarks of the author of this blog:

This analysis above is a remarkable study and portraits what several of us have been observing to unfold in front of our own eyes with Flexkomedy throughout the last year. View the rest of the posts on this blog to understand the capacity of damage that is inflicted by these guys at the home office in Munich and in the top field positions, demanding to take action. It is a social and professional responsibility to help and support those that are bringing these asses to justice for good.

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